I was around 14 years old when i got my first 286 computer with a CGA monitor.
DOS was the only OS around. I was forced to know it.
I liked it instantly.
Then came my second PC (a 486), running only Windows 3.11.
I started knowing what the internet was, and did a plenty of research.
My hate for reading suddenly changed, and from there i knew how important
knowledge is to a person, and how lucky humans are to be gifted brains by God.

I upgraded my PC to an AMD K6, running on Windows95.
Again, i could just gawk at web pages on the net. My readings intensified.
After some time, i discovered Linux.

Now i have both Linux Redhat 6.0 and Windows95 on a Pentium 133, 32MB machine.
I no longer experience a hang when typing an assignment using MS Word,
nor does my screen suddenly turn blue,having no way out, except by using the
Ctl-Alt-Del method, even then only finding out that this too doesn't work. My eyes focus
on the Reset button, knowing that this is the only way out of this whole mess,
not to mention losing 14 pages of an unsaved document.

I try to not become a "One World" person. I try to be an all-rounder person.
I play the piano. I love the guitar. I listen to music from Bach and Kitaro to
Metallica and KoRn. As long as its good.
I play tennis for pleasure, i learn Silat (A malaysian/indonesian martial art) and
try to improve it every day.
I also hang out with friends, sometimes to the extent of getting "crazy" but not
too often.

But all in all, after sitting on a comfortable chair, with a mug of hot coffee
in my right hand, i think. And everything leads to two things :
Me and God.
I am so very thankful, for being given such a wonderful life. Eventhough
its not always sweet and cheerful, but at least i'm still here.
At least I still exist. I'm still surviving.